Resizing an image to smaller size

Resizing images to smaller dimension to satisfy the file size or height/width requirements is something we have faced multiple times. Most of the online tools which I previously used were full of advertisments, and even required to login which is something I hated a lot. Today I learned to do... [Read More]
Tags: TIL Python

Log 0- Learning FastBook along with study group

I have been recently planning to delve more into learning deep learning and doing more machine learning projects for some time. As a first step, I am excited to share about the Fast Book Study Group Sessions. It’s great to have experts who are 10 steps ahead of you to... [Read More]

Trying out ngrok

ngrok is a cross-platform application software for enabling developers to deploy or expose their web applications from locally with a associated website url. This works due to the SSH tunnelling. [Read More]