Inputting String in C programming language

In C programming language, the strings doesn’t have a special data type on it’s own. So it’s usually represented with characters itself. Usually an array of characters is used to represent characters like this: [Read More]
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New adventure begins with MTech

I will be starting my persual for a 3 year MTech for Working Professionals (AI and Data Science) in IIIT Kottayam. I am looking forward to it and hope it paves a wonderful learning experience for me. [Read More]
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Understanding get_image_files in fastai

In fastai library we use Datablocks like the below example for loading datasets, and to train models. The below code is DataBlock, which is used to load a dataset of various types of bears to split into train and validation datasets along and to resize images to size 128*128. For... [Read More]
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Resizing an image to smaller size

Resizing images to smaller dimension to satisfy the file size or height/width requirements is something we have faced multiple times. Most of the online tools which I previously used were full of advertisments, and even required to login which is something I hated a lot. Today I learned to do... [Read More]
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