This a continution where, I jot down the books I have read so far:

  • I want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do - Shakthi Kannan
  • Lets Talk Money - Monika Halan
  • Drive - The Surpring Truth about what motivates us
  • ന്റുപ്പുപ്പാക്കൊരാനേണ്ടാർന്ന് - Basheer

This book talks about the story of a young Muslim girl and captures her drama, with a mix of things which reveal a lot about Muslim lives, Kozhikodden or north kerala malayalam slang. The book is having the flow and the climax is when KunnuPathu realises her boasted about the elephant, but it was just a small fly they owned during their grandpas time.

  • Pragmatic Programmer : A coding book for you coder, your future colleagues and coder’s in the year 2500 also.
  • Clean Coder: Thank you Uncle Bob for teaching all these hard earned lessons to make me a professional programmer.
  • Deep Work: Cal Newport

Cal produced high quality work as a professor in MIT by working deeply and specifically on selected topics. He produced 2 peer journals every year in MIT, completed a postdoc and even got a professorship. When he never mostly worked in weekends, and completed most of work by evenings. 4-5 deep hours is all you need.

  • Suppandi Back to Work
  • Leonardo Da Vinci- A life from beginning to End
  • Twinkle Digest
  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft - Stephen King

Currently Reading

  • High Performance Python Computing (rereading)
  • The Great Train Journey - Ruskin Bond
  • introduction to deep learning, fastai, and PyTorch : Jeremy Howards & Sylvain Gugger (reading along with Study group for FastBook)

Wish List

  • EPI
  • How to win friends and Influence People
  • High sschool English grammar and Composition
  • Good English - How to writie it
  • Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning
  • The Juggling Act: Bringing Balance to Your Faith, Family, and Work (Pat Gelsinger)