Hi, Iā€™m Kurian Benoy šŸ‘‹

A data scientist and software engineer by profession with hands-on knowledge working on computer vision, natural language processing(NLP) and business analytic problems.

He is among the top 1% of users in Kaggle community and is ranked among the top 300 positions among more than 50 lakh users in Kaggle which is made up of data scientists and ML practitioners from all over the world. He is interested in working on community-driven open-source projects and has contributed to more than half a dozen open source projects like Keras, DVC, CloudCV, Microsoft, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing etc. I have a BTech computer science from Govt Model Engineering College, Kochi and have been featured in Fayz.in

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  1. A Study of Text to Speech Systems for Non-English Langauges