Log 0- Learning FastBook along with study group

I have been recently planning to delve more into learning deep learning and doing more machine learning projects for some time. As a first step, I am excited to share about the Fast Book Study Group Sessions. It’s great to have experts who are 10 steps ahead of you to... [Read More]

Trying out ngrok

ngrok is a cross-platform application software for enabling developers to deploy or expose their web applications from locally with a associated website url. This works due to the SSH tunnelling. [Read More]

An Issue I had with fetching data with Axios

I was working on building Camunda- formio Tasklist as part of my work. In the Javascript ecosystem, a lot of folks use the Axios library to work with fetching data from APIs. There are a lot of other ways also to fetch data like Ajax calls, using fetch API etc... [Read More]

Static type ecosystem - python types & Typescript

Many of the popular languages like Javascript and Python which are being used by millions of developers are dynamically typed language. That is the code is check for correctness, type of variables only during the run times. This makes millions of developers prone to writing code with potential errors. [Read More]
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Shutdown Routine

It was a casual Saturday morning, and I was waiting in front of an Akshaya Center to get my Aadhar Card photo updated. Even after one hour, the line hadn’t moved much. So I sort of decided to start reading one of my kindle E-books on my phone. [Read More]

🏠 WFH for 6 months

It’s been 6 months since I joined AOT Technologies as a SE-Data scientist and due to Covid -19 pandemic, on the day of joining itself, our director said this year you won’t probably need to come to the office. I have been a big fan of thing Work from Home... [Read More]
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