What are Parameters and filters in Redash?

Let’s start with what are parameters in Redash. Parameters are useful for providing user interactivity for analytics, where they can pass interactive queries. Usually, we do most of the analytics based on certain predefined values while parameters allow users to run queries they want to generate insights on months, time... [Read More]
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My Visual Studio Setup

It’s 1AM in the morning, and I am about to call it for the night. I realize if I don’t write this piece, it’s never going to be in my blog ever. We all know Inspiration dies! [Read More]
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Pycon India 2020 Highlights

Pycon India is one of the conferences which I like to attend every year. The reason is something deeply emotional because Python is the language which hooked me into programming, my first major talk was in Pycon India 2019 and I enjoy the pycon vibe every year. This was my... [Read More]

Notable quotes from Mind master - Viswanathan Anand

Hello all, I am back with a few notable quotes from Mind Master by Viswanathan Anand. I am not a chess expert and know some of the basic moves. I recently picked up chess, after seeing Pranav Shridhar and Joel playing chess after In out Hackathon, Bangalore - 2019. The... [Read More]
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TwTw-1(July 3 - July 8)

I started to become interest in TWTW after reading more than a year of blogpost from my friend Joel the week that was posts, which he picked up originally inspired from Sijo Kurivilla. [Read More]

CS229 - Lesson Notes

This is just a post for myself to write notes while watching videos, so it may contain lot of typos and some mistakes. [Read More]