Dgplug conduct awesome FOSS training every year. I have decided to participate this years training. The following are some of the questions which have been answered during training by experts here. [Read More]


The Alchemist is written by the famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho. I recently finished reading his book and am sharing some of amazing quotes I liked from his books. The last quote made me start reading this amazing book. [Read More]


In this article, I will be talking about monoliths and microservice system architecture. Recently Hrishikesh Bhaskaran gave a talk on this topic at Facebook F8 meetup. talk inspired me and changed my thoughts about both. So I am going to highlight some of key takeways in this blogpost. [Read More]

Fossasia Day1

I arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore at morning at 7 AM. I was lucky to be catered by my father’s friend. Uncle also accompanied with me to check-in RuckSackin, which was the FOSSASIA Hostel at about 3 PM. I arrived at LLI(Life Long Learning Institute), which was the official venue... [Read More]