Float/decimal points precision in C++ and python3

Manipulating and printing outut format with specific no of digits in precision is necessary for many cases. This kind of questions are sometimes asked in Coding interviews and you find in weird case were you know answer, but don’t know to format the output. [Read More]

FOSSMEC Report(1/n)

So in a land alien to me, I recieved this news about being made a Chairman of FOSSMEC for the coming academeic year. Let me document what all activities had taken place at FOSSMEC in the past few months. [Read More]

Seminar ideas

We are currently working in projects and works with greater impact: CNN(can even beat a human in Imagenet challenge) CNN is an architecture in my opinion which uses Max pooling to increase the image size, and use a filter to obtain the output from each layer. At the end you... [Read More]


Has contributing to Open source projects been one of those plans for you that just remained a plan? Or did you try contributing to an Open source project but got lost somewhere in the middle due to lack of guidance? Well, dev sprints are here to save the day! During... [Read More]


Linux comes in different variants based on your taste, interest and system design choices. Some of the most notable ones are: Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat, Debian, Arch Linux. There are more than 1000of variants of linux. One of my college seniors ,Sarath Lakshman made a linux variant called Slynux. You can... [Read More]


In this article, I am going to talk about Single Shot Multibox Detector(SSD) which one of the algorithms which does object detection. SSD is known for detecting objects in real time faster compared to other algorithms. [Read More]