Attending an Aws meetup

I recently attended AWS re: Invent reCap organised by AWS User Group Kochi. One of the exciting announcements during the program was about AWS Inferentia chips which is being developed by Annapurna Labs(which unlike it’s name is an Israel based company). [Read More]

First thoughts on Swift

According to Chris Lattner, swift is promised as an infinetely hackable language. I recently binge watched two lessons of FastAI part2 which covered about new language for Deep Learning. Lesson13 Lesson14 Jeremy Horwards and Sylvian rewrote the entire lessons taught in Part2(Foundations of Deep Learning) in Swift. This notebook can... [Read More]

Devsprints Experience

Devsprints is an event unlike in Hackathon, you start working in established projects which are usally FOSS/Open source. @MEC our Devsprints was planned to be a one day event on November 3, even though we would have loved to make the event duration a bit more long. We had participating... [Read More]

How to go beyond Hacktoberfest?

Lot of folks I know are Open source contributors because of one crazy reason, Hacktoberfest. It’s perfectly okay to get a cool T-shirt shipped from America, grab swags and claim to be an Open source Developer. [Read More]

Break the Half-way mark(0.52 LB score)

Data Science Network(DSNet) organised a Kaggle competition as part of Kaggle days workshop. This competition will be a beginner friendly competition aimed at helping you get started with kaggle. Special recognition and awards will be granted to those who create useful and healthy discussions and kernels. [Read More]
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Float/decimal points precision in C++ and python3

Manipulating and printing outut format with specific no of digits in precision is necessary for many cases. This kind of questions are sometimes asked in Coding interviews and you find in weird case were you know answer, but don’t know to format the output. [Read More]

FOSSMEC Report(1/n)

So in a land alien to me, I recieved this news about being made a Chairman of FOSSMEC for the coming academeic year. Let me document what all activities had taken place at FOSSMEC in the past few months. [Read More]