Contributing to OpenSource With CloudCV




March 1, 2019

So here I am going to describe about experience contributing CloudCV organisation. I started to know about this organisation because of my friend Adarsh S who is a perivious GSoC winner, with CloudCV. CloudCV has mainly three Projects ie:

I started contributing to Origami initially from January. I started solving some issues initially. But the organisation mentors were not so active So some basic PR’s I put in Origami didn’t get merged as they were not active. I became also active in forums. Being Discouraged by lack of inactivity, I pinged sometime in January end, Cloud CV org Administrator. RishabJain told to me on pinging him that Origami won’t be participating this time. Instead of that he told me to start contributing on EvalAI instead. Some of the PR’s I worked on Origami were related updating docs and requirements.

Then I started contributing to EvalAI. EvalAI is actually is a competition platform for Deep Learning and Machine Learning challenges. It’s quite similar to Kaggle. Yet EvalAI has certain amazing features which make it popular among universities and other organisation. Do checkout more about EvalAI here.

SO far I have worked on following PR’s:

It taught me a lot about writing proper pep8 code and incorporating feedback from Mentors.

Merged PR

I know the docs fix doesn’t match the patch requirement for Gsoc. Anyways I am looking to learn and contributing to this amazing community of EvalAI. Now Atlanda Time Now has been now my frequently queried Search result now.