FOSSASIA Summit - Day 1


Kurian Benoy


March 13, 2019

Indoors of Changi Airport

I arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore at morning at 7 AM. I was lucky to be catered by my father’s friend. Uncle also accompanied with me to check-in RuckSackin, which was the FOSSASIA Hostel at about 3 PM. I arrived at LLI(Life Long Learning Institute), which was the official venue for FOSSASIA Conference at about 4 PM. I was supposed to be part of Event Setup, yet I got confused by the grandness of venue, and I joined with Speakers who were heading to check out Singapore.

I was very thankful for Blueman and Lauernce for taking the time to guide us through the city and got introduced with Speakers and amazing FOSSASIA friends who were from India like Jogendra, IIT Pune batch, Akshat, Divyanchal and much more. We explored Marina Bay and had a walk through the Helix Bridge. I got to talk to a lot of speakers there and had a wonderful experience there having food from Hawkers street in Marina bay.

Rucksackin hotel

After the dinner, I travelled back with Chathu and his friend who guided me to return to Paya Lebar MRT. At about 7:30 PM, I returned to LLI and helped in setting up the event. I met people like Akshat,humble_d, Rahul whom I have previously talked earlier and also forged a lot of new friends like Shubam Gupta, Shubam Kumar, Pranav, Harshit, Poonam, Anupam.

After the pizza party, Mario had a brief chat about what FOSSASIA is planning to achieve in future and their Goals at the end of dinner. Mario is now passionate about building FOSS Project, which is useful of others as well. Compared to that project running in your system only. Also, at last, I was guided by Martin Lehr, who his TShirts collection and conference swag collection. He told about its history and story of each conference he attended and cool swags he collected. Also, I shared my room with Aakash, Anupam, Yash, Rahul and Pradeep.