Emacs vs VIM war


Kurian Benoy


July 23, 2019

Emacs and vim are arguably among the best text editors of all time. You may occasionally find war tweets like this:

I met one of my neighbours and we both have lot of things in common. We both use GNU Linux and use Arch Linux as well. Yet there is something big seperating us, I use emacs while my neighbour use vim. - arocks

During FOSSASIA Summit 2019 we had a election. Graham William, Director Microsoft asked to audience who all use Emacs here? A lot of hands got raised. Then he asked who all use vim.

That day: vim won the war with a large majority .

I voted that day for vim, even though I didn’t know Emacs then. Recently I picking up Emacs and find it really useful with lot of features. You can even call Emacs the editor of lifetime as this speaker said.

My Rant: Taste both Emacs and vim before you next vote