What is DevSprints (MEC.conf)?


Kurian Benoy


July 25, 2019

Has contributing to Open source projects been one of those plans for you that just remained a plan? Or did you try contributing to an Open source project but got lost somewhere in the middle due to lack of guidance? Well, dev sprints are here to save the day! During Dev sprints, Mentors/Contributors of Open source projects guide participants through everything, from generating the development build to submitting a patch for a bug.

It doesnt matter if you are a newbie or an experienced contributor, just dive in and get to work. It is also a great opportunity to understand and experience the ways of the Open source. Although, there will be situations when you might feel stuck, but there is nothing to worry about as the mentors present there can provide you instant help to get you moving. We can say this from experience, that participants of these dev sprints have not been limited to their Open source contribution just for the conference days.They are still active contributors.

So at MEC.Conf we are having these organisations mainly:

And there will be a bunch of interesting personal projects as well.


Our Devsprints are planned to be held for 14 hours from 27th July,2019 to 28th July. So unlike hackathons, in Devsprints there is no prizes and biggest take away is being part of a community and help in some long term project by contribute to open source projects by putting up a few PRs for the organisation. Unlike when you are talking and contributing to a unkwown person’s project. Here we have mentors who will help you get started contributing to various projects.


If you are trying to come for our Devsprint and want to get a good vibe during event. Always believe in yourself and don’t under-estimate your skill. If you into coding, there are a bunch of amazing projects in Devsprints organisation. Being proactive and coming setting up your interested projects development environment is recommended. Knowing the basics of git may help you contribute quickly.

Hey if you are a non-coding person! You can help various organisations write documentation and in designing things.

How to participate?

Anyone who have registered for the MEC.Conf will be able to attend devsprints.


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Disclaimer: Since it is our first time, pardon us for our mistakes. We will try our level best to make this event memorable for you