My 2020 resolutions


Kurian Benoy


January 13, 2020

My new year resolution is to work more harder and be more organised. In this post I will be sharing some of my goals for new year.

  1. Particpate in 3 Kaggle competitions and write more kernels. Get 2 medals

  2. Become a Kaggle 1x master, 4x Kaggle Expert, participate in 5 competitions actively

  3. Strengthen the fundamental knowledge of CS subjects

  4. Read 12 books - 7 technical books

  5. Complete reading Cracking CTCI, Read EPI

  6. complete euler 100 challenge(Python, Swift)

  7. Complete making Malayalam text-to-speech system

  8. Write two research papers

  9. Speak in two conferences and conduct a ML study group


Parents have done so much for us. Like literally they have spent their entire life living for us. Just feels sad when you can’t give back anything substantial to them