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Kurian Benoy


March 7, 2020

The 7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen R. Covey

The seven habits are: - Be Proactive - Begin with the End in the Mind - Put first thinks first - Think Win/Win - Seek first to understand than to be understood - Synergize - Sharpen the saw

Must read book. The one thing I like about this book is stressing about Character Ethics and Private victories. Private victories are way more important than public victories. It’s good to sow these habits, and improve yourself 1% per day. I have read this book 2 times so far.

The C Programming Language - Brian W Kernighan, Denis M Ritchie

This book gives an excellent introduction to C, datastructures. I read this book for a quick revision and this books talks about things like Control Flow, Function and Program structure, arrays,pointers, structures, Input&output and UNIX system interfaces. Algorithms like Shell sort, itoa, atoai are mentioned in this book. One thing I really loved about this book is implements things from scratch(like itoa, strcpy) which is like implementing things from scratch like we do in the ML world. Exercises in this book are really good and you must do it. Reading this book made me to rant all first years need to do is Read this book and no hackathons/websites/ML etc.

Confessions - Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy is a renowned Russian author with many books like Anna Kareena, War and Peace, etc. Confessions mentions about some of sins Leo did, and moral dilemma Tolstoy faced and he mentions about his mid-life crisis. He faces this question What is the point of life? in his life and he doesn’t try to evade from this question. He finally finds these answers finally by understanding there is a god exsisting, that too from the peasants. He is highly critical of Russian orthodox church, but he finds the true christanity and mentions what it is in this book. History of Leo Tolstoy’s life in documented more in this wikipedia article.

Book in my shelf

  • Fluent Python
  • Swift in Depth
  • A no excuse guide to blogging
  • Permanent Record, Snowden

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