TwTw-1(July 3 - July 8)


Kurian Benoy


July 9, 2020

I started to become interest in TWTW after reading more than a year of blogpost from my friend Joel the week that was posts, which he picked up originally inspired from Sijo Kurivilla.

July 3

  • My pull request with contribution to Swathanthra Malayalam Computing’s project MSC was merged.
  • My contribution was a exploratory notebook to analyse dataset to find users who contributed to dataset most, category of sound voices, no of good quality sounds recorded so far(with more than 3 upvotes).

July 4

  • I attended another session of Adithya Mitra mandal course to improve my communication and leadership skills. Aditya reviewed my resume and further shared a lot of points to improve.
  • Some of the insights after program are:
  1. Improving my resume and filing my gaps in Linkedin & twitter bio.
  2. Aditya recommends a lot of things on how to interact in industry, hiring manager etc.
  3. He gave tonnes of resources regarding books to buy, insights from some important books, apps to use and even a weekly workout schedule etc. He tells to get better every day
  4. The community and mentoring will remain even after the course is completed.

July 5

  • Create a twitter list to add Mecians and XMecians together in one single list
  • Started unfollowing some of my friends in Twitter
  • Attended 2 meetups virtually ie Paper we love Kochi and TFUG Kolkata.
  • Interesting talk on Practical NLP by Dipanjan Sarkar

July 6

July 7

  • Had a video call with Shrey Keny from Goa, I taught him basics of Analytical reporting.
  • Had a delicious Kuzhimandhi and realised about 2-3 restaurants in my locality had stopped functioning due to Covid-19 situation

July 8

  • My Kaggle ranks are soaring high continuosly

  • Working on a new notebook for CTDS comps