Introducing Reading like AI


November 30, 2020

Reading like AI is a python package inspired from the below meme:

What if AI systems could count numbers?

So then the numbers will be pronounced as

1999 - Nineteen Ninty Nine

1888 - Eighteen Eighty-Eight

1111 - Eleven Hundred Eleven,

No folks, AI is cooler. It’s => Eleventeen Onety One


python -m pip install numbersai==0.0.1


>> from nosai.numbers import spell
>> spell(1111)
'Eleventeen Onety one'

Technology used

This package is build based one of the Rules of Machine Learning

I.e. Rule #7: Turn heuristics into features, or handle them externally.

We didn’t require any complex models which was trained for ten thousand hours, all it needed was a few if loops.