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March 19, 2021


‌ I know I am late this time. Sorry in advance for that. I know I can’t still find the rhythm of writing every weekend, so I procrastinate and plan to publish it by Monday. I am awful about it and promise to be better in writing every week by Saturday evening itself even if it’s short. 🤞

‌ This week, I am going to share one of my insecure moments in my college life. It was in my second year of undergraduate studies, and when the exam results were out I failed in 3 subjects. The process of failing in the three subjects was obliviously such a disaster.

‌ There was a lot of pressure from family and everyone around. All my activities planned on the tech side was dropped - like being part of the web team, attending prestigious hackathons etc. The result of the failure helped me focus time on my studies more. Till that semester, I was someone who had just learned before the day of the exam. Yet now I realized that wouldn’t work out. My CGPA was in disaster mode and it was in the range of five points something.

‌ Yet, instead of going all out on just studies. I focused on fixed time for extracurricular activities as well. And in my fifth semester, I attended my first Pycon India conference(which gave me the courage to be a speaker in the next edition), conducted interviews with two open-source developers - Mario Behling, founder of FOSSASIA and Balasankar C and attended FOSSASIA Summit in Singapore with a scholarship.

‌ With my low CGPA, I was expecting a disaster with no future placements, no internships. Yet I realised a lot of my fears were because that is what normal people expect us to have. They want a no failure success, even though success in anything can be attributed to being a perfect A student.

‌ All these things in hindsight were not so oblivious like what is value in creating a blog post, what is the value in working in Open source. Yet in the end, it all paid forward and helped my journey. I still remember writing a piece to myself, mentioning the toughest week of my life. Yet life moves on like every other day

‌ So let’s be independent and say yes to more crazy decisions.