Learning Tamil and weird things in Malayalam


Kurian Benoy


November 11, 2021

Thanks to Sankar M, I have been learning a bit of Tamil.

A few words I learned so far are:

How are you? - Ninkal Yeppadi irikkengal
I am fine - Nannayi irrikenga
brother - Anna
Sister - Akka
Really good(adipoli) - Sema 
Kallai Vanakkam - Good Morning
Nandri  - Thank you
Romba / Nerya - More
nal - days
romba nal achu eppadi irikkenga -

In malayalam, we have different slangs and it’s obviously difficult to understand few of words like Mema - which means mothers sister in Kottayam side. In my place, the same words we use Kunnaunty, Vellaunty etc.

I will be adding more words, as I learn more tamil.

Signing off,
Kurian Benoy