Conversation with Vue.js Core Developer Ben Hong


December 25, 2021

1. Will class based components supported in Vue3? What is support of it?

There are already support for Options API and Composition API in Vue.js. The Vue.js core team is already supporting two options already, and supporting another option will be difficult. That being we know a lot of people like class based API, and prefer that for their project. The class based components is actually being a maintained by one of Vue.js core developer members. So if they support, then it will be available to be compatible to Vue3.

2. When will Vue2 be kind of deprecated, and Vue3 be the official version? When can we expect it to happen, and will it take 10+ years like Python2 to Python3?

First of all it has been almost 1 years since Vue3 was officialy released on September, 2020. Vue3 is definetely way better in term of it’s features and almost 90% of features are backward compatible in Vue3. Recently Nuxt.js version for Vue3 was released as Beta. So for any new projects, it’s definetely recommended to start with Vue3. I feel Vuetify beta release will be like the last block to complete it. So I am sure it won’t take like 10 years to migrate Vue2 to Vue3, and in a few years we will see Vue3 as default version. Companies like Wikimedia, have almost completely migrated from Vue2 to Vue3.

3. What do you think about Work life balance as a full-stack developer? You are working in Netlify, Vue.js core developer and even have a youtube channel?

Hmm. It’s a tough question to be honest. I am personally not a fan of 9-5 job culture. In case of you are a developer, it’s very important to understand the priorities in your life. Also you should link your priorities to what you are interested in. When I was working, I was looking for jobs which was for Vue.js developer, not a React developer. In long run, you will have just 2-3 months were you focus only on your work, and not catching up with latest developer trends.

4. How many core members are in Vue.JS. Are there any core developers from India?

If you compare to other frameworks, Vue.js is one framework which is totally open source and is not being backed by any big-tech companies. There are almost 20+ core developers in Vue.js team. To my knowledge, I am the core developer who is based in USA and I am not aware of any core developer form India.