🐩Learning more about birds and bird calls with Merlin app


Kurian Benoy


March 20, 2023

I recently went for a bird watching adventure in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekad Kerala, India. During that time, my guide was very proficient in identifying birds by just hearing sounds. In Salim Ali bird sanctuary itself there are almost 300 species of land birds and another 100+ species of water birds.

I was genuinely curious, how they learned about all these birds and memorized all these. This is when my guide talked about the Merlin app, which can help in learning more about various species of bird.

Video Explaining functionality of Merlin

You can download it from Apple App store or Google Playstore for your android phones. Learn more about Merlin app in this link

A photo during my bird walking trek

The below image is Ceylon Frogmouth which is a rare bird in my region

Ceylon Frogmouth

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