Chess is sometimes more entertaining than Cricket


Kurian Benoy


July 4, 2023

Chess is occasionally more entertaining than cricket, and this notion was brought to light during the finals of the Global Chess League between Triveni Continental Kings and upGrad Mumbai Masters. As an Indian, this statement may seem controversial, but it is important to acknowledge that this is not always the case. Having witnessed the match between these two teams, I can confidently argue for the entertainment value of chess in certain instances.

While I personally struggle with playing chess and do not derive much enjoyment from it, I find watching chess matches and following the intriguing personalities in the chess world to be quite engaging. The particular match I am referring to was a team tournament with six players on each team, competing fiercely for their respective sides. The format involved the iconic board, two men’s boards, two women’s boards, and a prodigy board.

The tournament began with two rapid chess games, with each player having 15 minutes of time. In the first rapid game, Triveni Continental Kings emerged victorious while playing with the White pieces, but in the second rapid game, upGrad Mumbai Masters managed to win playing with the same color. Hence, the teams had to proceed into a blitz match with each player having only 5 minutes of time. Triveni Continental Kings played as White this time but unfortunately lost. Consequently, in a must-win game for Triveni Continental Kings playing as Black, they achieved the impossible under such pressure.

The tiebreaker resulted in a player-versus-player showdown, where three players from each team competed against one another. Surprisingly, all three matches ended in a draw, intensifying the level of suspense. The fate of the tournament ultimately rested on the final match between GM Jonas Bjerre from Denmark and GM Javokhir Sindarov. Remarkably, Sindarov had won all four of the matches played in the finals so far, adding an extra layer of excitement to this decisive game. The match concluded with Triveni Continental Kings emerging as the winners when Jonas defeated Sindarov with a checkmate, securing the victory for his team.

The tournament itself was well-organized, and as someone who has been following it for a few years, it was pleasing to witness its growing popularity. The event sponsors, Tech Mahindra, an Indian company, contributed to the grand prize of $500,000. This exemplifies the support of Indian companies like Tech Mahindra and Tata Steel who are increasingly involved in sponsoring major chess events. Moreover, India boasts talented prodigies like Gukesh, Arjun, Nihal, and Pragg, adding further excitement and intrigue to the world of chess.

In conclusion, while cricket holds a cherished place in the hearts of many, it is important to recognize that chess has its own unique and captivating qualities. The final match between Triveni Continental Kings and upGrad Mumbai Masters in the Global Chess League demonstrated the enthralling nature of the game. This particular encounter showcased the intense battles, strategic maneuvers, and moments of brilliance that chess has to offer. By expanding our perspective and appreciating the diverse aspects of sports and entertainment, we can fully embrace the thrilling world of chess alongside cricket.

Note: This article was generated based on author’s first draft with gpt-3.5-turbo-16k model.