Tributes to my first python teacher- Dear Jumana mam!


Kurian Benoy


May 29, 2023

In 2016 when I joined my BTech. for Computer Science, I was someone who didn’t love programming and CS was only subject I didn’t get A1 in my class 12 boards. In my semester I was taught Python by a wonderful teacher. She taught in a beginner friendly way and encouraged anyone to ask doubts.

She told us programming was not something to by-heart and there are multiple way to solve the same problem. One year back I called my teacher and thanked her. By then I had spoken in Pycon India twice as an expert in machine learning and core-python and was able to pay my bills by coding in Python. She was really happy about me and even asked me to send even the videos of my talks.

My dear Jumana mam passed away today. I was really blessed to have such a wonderful teacher.