OpenAI Whisper and it’s amazing power to do fine-tuning demonstrated on my mother-tongue

Talk page for my talk @ FOSS United Meetup, Kochi, KeyValue, Smart Kochi.

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Kurian Benoy


Saturday, June 24, 2023

Questions received

  1. Why do you think thennal’s whisper model performed so well?

  2. How hard is to do the fine-tuning of whisper model in terms of effort?

  3. How resources do you think is required to do LLM fine-tuning?

  4. What do you think are some way’s to improve Malayalam speech to text models even further?

Thanks to

The organizers of this meetup were fabulous. It was nice to interact with organizers like Mark, Richard, Riya, Subin, Devdutt etc. One of my friends Arun who was batch-mate at MEC took some nice photos of me speaking. It was a nice experience interacting with fellow speakers like Faiz Mohammed, Andrew Bastin and Maheshwaran. This meetup helped me to meet some new faces and reconnect with some familiar faces whom I knew since my college days. Overall attending the FOSS United Kochi Meetup was a great experience for me and felt the meetup is organized excellently.


Poster Image of my talk

My father dropped me off to the meetup

Talk outline

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