Everything is about to be changed and launch of GPT-4

Deep learning

Kurian Benoy


March 15, 2023

Update: April 20, 2023

I found this brillant article on not to be too afraid of latest AI advances by David Heinemeir Hanson who is the creator of Ruby on Rails and co-owner of Basecamp. I think it’s a must read for anyone who is a bit worried about latest changes as well as for anyone who is excited about the changes.

Buzz about ChatGPT

There has been a lot of buzz about GPT and ChatGPT in specific. Tom Scott, a youtuber recently published a video on how he used ChatGPT to fix a problem in his email backup program. He said it’s beginning of something new like how internet had literally changed everything 20-30 years back.

AI is the new electricity - Andrew NG

When I was writing this article, I forget the syntax of how to embed youtube videos in quarto markdown. I solved this issue by asking this question to Quarto Help Bot which was made by Hamel Husain.

I have seen chatbots, yet the way ChatGPT interacts and communicates is insane to be honest. You can ask it literally anything and these Large Language models are becoming incredibly useful. Hamel had used LangChain which is like a framework for building applications with LLMs specifically for quarto.

An Image from gsb.stanford.edu article on Andrew NG remark

How has the AI landscape been going in the past one year?

Personally I have been following ML/AI for the past five years atleast. Last year really was hyped up. Initially there was this releases in DALL-E and it’s open source alternative Craiyon(then named DALLE mini) being viral. During this time so many trending things like Stable Diffusion, Whisper etc came.

One month back, I started seeing my cousins, parents etc. discussing about ChatGPT and how awesome it is. Some of the application apps like Roamaround.ai build on top of ChatGPT was being used. The final nail was last Sunday, when my grandfather called me to read about ChatGPT article in news.

I have seen people get hyped up about advances in ML. Yet I have never heard about the new technology being discussed by any of my family member like this. Hamel Hussein put this really well in his tweet about what is different in this wave of ML advances.

Release of GPT-4

The GPT-4 model was released by OpenAI today IST. It’s been a hectic week already TBH, with so many releases already.

The initial reaction to this model has been awesome, and lot of people have been reacting about this.

You can read more about this release in below resources:

Research document

Product details

Check out the summary of what was highlights of GPT-4 and it’s developer livestream in this tweet thread by FSDL.

How can we try GPT-4 now?

According to OpenAI, you can try the latest GPT-4 via Chat GPT Plus Membership.

Two more options seems to be available for normal users without mulimodal search:

  1. BingGPT
  2. Poe App from Quora

Is BingGPT really using GPT-4?

To be honest, at the moment we can’t be really sure about that. Even though as Microsoft Bing team confirmed today that they are using GPT-4.

In lot of user tests, it doesn’t really seem to be the same. I tested a trick question:

Which is heavier, two pounds of brick or one pound of feathers?

GPT-4 seems to give the correct answer at time of writing.

Bing-GPT seems to give wrong answer.

Chat-GPT seems to now give correct answer, it was previously giving wrong answer.

Charles seems to have come with an explaination to this problem, at the time I was writing this article.

“GPT-4” is really a series of models, and the one live in chat now is likely the 0314 checkpoint available via the API. BingChat can’t’ve launched with that checkpoint and likely has branched off in the intervening weeks.”