Matching my former github streak at the age of 25


Kurian Benoy


April 7, 2024

Matching the vigor of my early 20s has proven challenging as time progresses. There’s a particular enjoyment in maintaining GitHub streaks, even just for the sake of it.

In the recent months, I’ve been engaged with intriguing open-source projects such as, FOSSMEET Talks, MalWhisper, Samam ML Verification Project, among other initiatives. I doubted my ability to sustain the same zeal I had in my early 20s, especially now that I’m 25, balancing a full-time job, daily chores, and life’s other responsibilities

Yet I suceeded in that and I am super proud of myself in that 😊.

My Github Streak tracker monitored in my personal README My Github activity chart for the year 2024