Merging a PR after 7 years


Kurian Benoy


March 5, 2024

My first commit

I was trying to find my first git/github commit with this webapp. You can also find what is your commit checking that website and first PR with this website.

My first git commit

This first commit was for my lab programs in C- Programming Language Labs during my BTech classes at Govt. Model Engineering College. You might have wondered why I might have pushed it in github? It was all thanks to my professor Bijumon sir, who recommended this way to get started working with git/github.

After 7 years

Today only I noticed a troll PR, send by my good friend Jimmy Jose who is now a Senior Devops Engineer in Esper. He recently married and I went to attend the function. It was cool to notice he send a PR with comment wow 7 years back. You should have reminded me early bro. I am all for trolls and merged it.

Thanks you Jimmy for your valuable contribution to my first github repository. It took some time to merge. Sorry bro.