My journey with ends


Kurian Benoy


April 23, 2024

Selfie in front of Singapore office with Zhang Qiao and Solomon Sim

My last working day at was in the past week. It was a great experience working in an AI-based company for over 2 years now and being part of building a lot of cool projects for large reputed clients clients of

I was working in the awesome science & research(SnR) team with members like Weina Du, Zhang Qiao, Jian Hui, Eugene Lee, Chandra Sekar and Shreya Kishore. I am grateful for some of the ex SnR members like Keng-Teck Ma, Divya Dilip and Clement Tee who helped me a lot and guided me.

I had good rapport with everyone in from Christopher Yeo, Eddie LEONG, CFA, Linda Su Ling Tan, Gloria Koh, Priya Somasundaram , Cedrick Tay ,Aalind Singh, Michael Ng, Mani, Karunakar Vanama, Ramesh.

I really enjoyed my time there and now it’s a time to bid good bye. I even got an opportunity to visit the Singapore office and have a lunch with the team, when I went to speak in FOSSASIA Summit, Singapore last year. Zhang Qiao and Solomon Sim ( alum) are in the selfie with me.

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I enjoyed working in a startup. Yet it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I will ask you think twice before joining any startup. In, I saw both the positive’s and negatives of working in a startup. It was a roller-coaster ride, yet there is one good reason why you should consider joining a startup.

You learn a ton of things, get engaged in lot of projects. So if you prioritize learning in your career, Kurian would recommend joining a startup. Chip in her article ’7 reasons not to join a startup and 1 reason to2 said:

I once read somewhere that joining startups is the only way to get 15 years of experience in 5 years. I couldn’t agree more.



  2. Chip Huyen, 7 reasons not to join a startup and 1 reason to,↩︎