OpenAI Whisper and it’s amazing power to do finetuning

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Kurian Benoy


Saturday, April 15, 2023

Talk in 30 seconds

I talked about what is OpenAI whisper and some of it’s amazing feature. I highlighted the importance of fine-tuning Whisper in low-resource language like Malayalam which is able to get almost 90% accuracy compared to -10% accuracy of OpenAI whisper model weights. The results where calculated with a new github project called malayalam_asr_benchmarking created by me.

Thanks to

In my talk I mentioned the following people and organizations. Beyond that first of all, I would like to thank FOSSASIA team for giving me this opportunity to talk in FOSSASIA Summit 2023. I would like to thank Abhijit PA for taking pictures of my talk and Thorsen for moderating my session. Karuankar Vanama pointed out a typo in a slide which was corrected. I got a lot of support after this talk when I posted in LinkedIn and Twitter and few folks reached out to me after this talk. I am really thankful to all of you.

Questions received

  1. Someone was curious to know the relationship between Malayalam language and the Sanskrit language?


During the talk

Volunteers helping me with the talk

Last minute preparation before talk

A snap from live stream session of my talk